Our Story - Jan Leslie Luxury Cufflinks & Jewelry for Men & Women

Welcome to Jan Leslie !

I founded Jan Leslie in 1990 to fully pursue my passion for jewelry design. I love accessorizing my body and home with jewels and gemstones that I believe best reflect my interior self. I was unfulfilled in my prior career in finance and I wanted to share my passion with others who also view jewelry as a way to express themselves. This vision crystalized from thought to reality through the creation of Jan Leslie.

As an Aries, a fire sign, I am a passionate individual who inherently enjoys creating pieces through the forging of metals. I adore everything about jewelry: the infinite ways you can mold metals, the sparkle that emerges after working with a raw gemstone, the meaning, power and history of the stone itself, and the natural variation of textures and patterns in each piece that make them distinctive and unique.

In turn, all of my collections reflect this love and admiration. All my jewelry is meticulously hand crafted by artisans in small batches. Each piece is special and ready to possess a story of its own and a personal connection with the owner. 

My intent is to make sophisticated timeless collectibles, each piece to be enjoyed and cherished to be passed on to generations as a symbol of happiness.

xo Jan Leslie

COUTURE Design Awards Winner 2019