Playful Luxury. Sustainable, Handcrafted Jewelry.

Jan Leslie reinterprets from the world around her to create a magical dream world where pigs fly and jewelry dances. Get lost, be inspired, and connect with your inner self with each magical collection. Her admiration and respect for gemstones, nature & her craft are shown in each timeless piece. All materials are ethically sourced, and each treasure is hand-forged, and hand painted. Adding to the value, quality, and essence of each collectible. 

Jan Leslie has created a world full of wonder, positivity, and delight. She invites you to explore and choose what speaks to your soul and brings you joy. 

Make an investment in yourself and your future generations to bring joy, happiness, and positivity to the global world. 


Visionary, Award Winner, Designer. Jan Leslie  

Enamored with jewelry and design from a young age. Jan Leslie would find herself designing and silversmithing cufflinks while away at day camp as a child. Jan’s passion intensified as the years went on, as she seized every opportunity to work with designers and jewelers to hone her craft. This uncontainable passion led Jan to incorporate Jan Leslie in 1990. 

Jan began her men’s collection with a line of understated cufflinks. The understated cufflinks made for everyone - or as Jan put it, everyone from the CFO to Clerk was inspired by friends from college. Jan thrived in the men’s accessories sphere and quickly let her inspiration and passion take over. Ultimately creating the inspired playful luxury & updated classic line seen today. The whimsical line of cufflinks was eventually sold at Bergdorf Goodman, where Jan Leslie became a niche brand in Playful Luxury and began to expand in the high-end luxury market. 

Since then, Jan has gone on to win the prestigious Couture Award and continues to take inspiration from the world around her to create fun, vibrant, inspirational works of miniature art. 

Nothing compares to Jan Leslie’s wonderful world of playful luxury. Explore, be inspired & find what speaks to your soul.