Gifts for Grads, Dads, & Lads

Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel!

After weeks spent indoors, it seems we’re moving closer to reentry into life as we knew it. Is the man in your life ready for the Post-PJ World?

Whether you’re shopping for dad, a grad, or a special guy this June, we’ll help you find the perfect gift to help him look and feel his best.

Everyone wants to look & feel good but most men don’t enjoy shopping for clothing and accessories.  After years of trunk shows & personal appearances at retail stores we’ve observed guys’ shopping habits... or lack thereof. In one scenario we complimented a guy on his shoes and he told us his wife bought them. He said he hadn’t bought himself any new clothes in years! We noticed the same basic answer across many guys. Their wife, partner , mom, child- anyone but themselves bought the cool shirt/shoe/cufflink etc... Many men find themselves stuck in a style rut and default to an unintentional uniform like a pair of jeans and a black tee shirt. They stay out of the fashion loop for so long, they’re not sure how to jump back in. They wait for their partners to buy them things because they’re worried to take a fashion risk. They panic when it’s time to buy new clothes or accessories because they’re not sure where to start.

All they need is a little push in the right direction!

Why not use gift shopping as an opportunity to help the man in your life break out of his style shell and try something new? Here are five styles we recommend that are sure to get compliments, boost confidence, and help him ultimately branch out and explore his personal style.

  1.   The 6mm Semiprecious Stone Bracelet This bracelet has been a consistent bestseller because it’s a no-brainer. Sleek, semiprecious stones are set onto elastic and effortlessly slide onto the wrist. 6mm beads are a great starter size. They’re not dainty, they’re not bulky, and they pair perfectly with watches. They’re also versatile enough to stack with just about any other bracelet. To help him fully realize his bracelet stacking abilities, this June, we’re offering a free gift of one of our  top selling leather bracelets to kick off a fresh start to any look with any purchase over $150! Think of it as a very stylish pair of training wheels.
  2.   The Champagne Bucket Cufflinks Maybe he’s the life of the party. Maybe he’s about to celebrate a huge milestone. Champagne adds sweet sophistication to any occasion. We love these cufflinks because they’re whimsical enough to appeal to his sense of humor, but formal enough to pull together any black-tie look.  He’ll love the bubbly versatility of this playful pair.
  3.   The Stainless-Steel Collar Stay PackThe necessity he never knew he needed. Too many men go through life using the flimsy plastic collar stays that come with their button-down shirts. Enough is enough! Give him the upgrade he desperately needs with four pairs of stainless-steel collar stays packaged in a smooth leather case. This is a great gift for any man, but we especially love it for men who are about to enter the workforce and need to look their sharpest.
  4.   The Moving Jaws Shark CufflinksNo need to fish for compliments- this fan favorite style will reel them in. Our ferociously fun articulated pair of shark cufflinks have a moving tail and moving jaws, perfect for capturing attention. If you’re trying to get him to dive into more adventurous accessories, we highly recommend this playful pair. After receiving rave reviews, he'll definitely be on the hunt for new, interesting pieces.
  5.     The Classic Onyx Cufflink with Rivets The perfect gift for the classic man. Perpetually cool black onyx is set by hand on 925 sterling silver. Rivet detail adds modern texture to a timeless round silhouette. Easily dressed up or down, these cufflinks can be worn anywhere, from the workplace to a wedding to a weekend date. Men love these cufflinks because they instantly, easily elevate any look.

It might be hard to get the man in your life to relinquish his sweatpants when the world officially reopens. We think a dash of luxury is just what he needs to get energized to dress up and look his best.