Care Tips for Jan Leslie Silver Products

Silver tarnishes over time, this is a natural reaction with the surrounding air. To decrease on tarnishing the majority of our 925 sterling silver jewelry and cufflinks are rhodium plated. Rhodium is a hard silvery-white precious metal, from the platinum family, whose properties allow it to remain untarnished. Hence, there is little need to polish your rhodium plated pieces, they will remain as stunning as the day that you bought them. If however, you find the need to polish them, simply rub with a silver polish cloth which will remove oils, fingerprints and dust. DO NOT use silver polish cleaner.
It is always advisable to keep your silver pieces in their closed pouches and boxes to avoid any tarnishing.
Try to avoid hard knocks or surfaces that may cause scratches, silver is a soft metal and will mark relatively easily.

Stones and crystals are fragile please treat them as you would a crystal glass, with great care.

Love and care for your precious jewels