Complete the Look with Jan's Signature Ties

Jan Leslie has taken her most popular, iconic cufflink designs and converted them into the most necessary accessory in your closet - ties. Pigmented colors with subtle patterning. The signature bull and bear tie is a must have or any man who controls the markets. 

- A perfectly put-together match with Jan's Bull and Bear Cufflinks

- Custom woven in Cuomo, Italy


Jan talks about her tie designs and concepts... 

"The tie designs expand on our Jan Leslie brand of a juxtaposition of sophistication and fun.  You'll find our signature novelty icons hidden in classic but fresh and sophisticated tie patterns. The hidden icons add a bit of clever gaming to the ties. Finding the icons in our ties is similar to the work of NY Times artist Al Hirschfeld,, who hid his daughter, Nina’s name several times in his drawings for the observer to find."