Corvette Fordite Sterling Silver Cufflinks


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Also known as "Detroit agate", Corvette Fordite is an increasingly rare stone. Only found in USA automobile Corvette Car manufacturing plants, these one-of-a-kind gems are the byproduct of paint used on vintage cars. Years ago, when cars were still spray painted by hand, excess enamel paint from cars would be left on tracks and skids in the manufacturing plant. Fordite is composed of several layers of enamel paint, and is not being made anymore, simply because cars are no longer painted the same way. These sterling silver cufflinks are Available in red, yellow, or brown, and set by hand They're a one of a kind gift for the person who has EVERYTHING or a vintage car collector. 

  • Handmade with 925 Sterling Silver
  • Features an anti-tarnish rhodium finish that makes for lasting wear
  • No two stones are  exactly alike. Each pair is hand selected by Jan to make the best possible match.