Mother's Day: She is Worth it ! 18k Gold & One of a Kind

Mother's Day: Show her she is Worth it  & MORE with Jan Leslie's 18k Gold One of a Kind Earrings. Jan Leslie's 18k One of a Kind collection is an assortment of one-of-a-kind raw gemstone earrings with diamond accents all hugged in 18k gold. Jan has spent her decades-spanning career at the forefront of female entrepreneurship, creating jewelry for men and women that can be found at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and select high-end specialty fashion stores around the world. For the past 30 years, she has been guided by her vision of juxtaposing materials, colors, and textures to create innovative combinations of award-winning designs that are an elusive blend of classic and contemporary.

Jan Leslie 18k One of a Kind jewelry is the result of her passion and pursuit of collecting beautiful gemstones, crystals, and natural raw materials. Her collection of raw organic gemstones with smooth faceted polished gemstones are simplistic in nature yet evoke a sense of artistry. Jan designs her signature jewelry with an unorthodox play of precious and semi precious stones while carefully considering the unique energies and healing properties of each component. “The energy and healing properties of each stone stirs a sense of joyfulness and inherent connection to the clients who select them. Whether it’s the color or the raw materials, all pieces express the uniqueness of the individual wearing it,” states Jan.

Jan Leslie designs explore the fullest potential of precious and semi-precious stones and minerals, delving into the hidden depths of their holistic properties by combining them in untraditional ways.

All earrings are accented with diamonds to highlight color and hugged with 18k gold for warmth.

Stone healing info for combinations: 

Diamond - Diamonds, legendary for their rarity and beauty, are symbolic of purity, innocence, love, and longevity. The strength, clarity, and shine of diamonds are representative of the loving, powerful, open nature of the human spirit. Diamonds are believed to inspire faithfulness and strength of character.

Gold – Gold is the universal symbol of power and prestige.  Associated with abundance, prosperity, luxury, and quality, gold radiates affluence and sophistication. Optimistic and positive, gold lends warmth to everything with which it is associated - it naturally illuminates and enriches anything within proximity.

Amber - Primarily found along the South Shores of the Baltic Seas, amber is believed to harness the soothing air of the Mediterranean, making it a natural stress reliever. Amber relaxes the mind, freeing it from negativity and stimulating creative self-expression. It encourages balance and patience and is especially useful in meditation and decision-making.

Rutilated Quartz – The gold threads in rutile quartz infuse the body and illuminate the soul, cleansing the aura and inspiring positivity. It protects those around it from negative thoughts, shielding them from worry and encouraging spontaneity.

Labradorite – The mythos surrounding labradorite is almost as dazzling as the stone itself. Inuit legend holds that labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. Labradorite is believed to shine a light on life’s purpose and guide those around it to fulfillment.

P­yrite – Pyrite has been used as a shielding stone for centuries, protecting those around it from negative energy. It also keeps positive energy in, allowing it to circulate and stimulate the spirit. Pyrite is useful for tackling obstacles and completing long-term challenging projects.

Picture Jasper – Picture Jasper is a grounding stone, believed to strengthen the connection of those around it to the Earth. It is a stone of harmony, using Mother Nature’s soothing spirit to instill a sense of proportion, alleviate fear, and cultivate harmony. The stone inspires peace and courage and is useful to anyone looking to undergo a meaningful change in their lives.

Crazy Lace Agate – The vibrant hues in crazy lace agate are said to inspire pure bliss, giving it the nickname “The Laughing Stone”. Crazy Lace Agate also has a reputation of being seriously lucky and is recommended to anyone looking to boost their wealth, self-confidence, and joy.

Ammonite – Ammonite fossils have become symbolic of evolution and are believed to have absorbed eons worth of cosmic energy, helping to stimulate the life force of those around it. Ammonite is recommended to introverts or anyone who needs a bit of help coming out of their shell.