New Year, New You… Happy 2022!

It’s a new year, and you know what that means. It’s time to let go of the baggage keep your most cherished friends and memories, and embrace everything that’s waiting for you in the year to come- 

    New goals, new friends, new memories, and most importantly, new looks! 

As we all know, it can be hard to stick to your resolutions every year, and I wanted to provide a little tip. 

To ensure I keep in line with my goals, I choose a word to guide me throughout the year. This word will encompass how I want to feel for the year, and each goal I make will be tied to that feeling. 

 My word for 2022 is 


I want to be inspired by the things around me - no matter how big or small, so I can create pieces that will continue to evoke your curious spirit.

I have already gotten a head start and picked out a few pieces sure to do just that and kick your 2022 off to a stylish start. 


Let your imagination be your guide and create something that will last a lifetime with my Create Your Own Murano Glass Bead Sterling Silver Cufflinks. Make a selection from beautiful Murano Glass Beads mixed by Italian artisans. Mix and match or keep in monochrome - either way, it’s a custom look that’s all you. 

create your own murano glass bead sterling silver cufflinks


Keep up a mysterious flair with my Druzy Crystallized Gemstone Sterling Silver Cufflink. A geological phenomenon, Druzy crystals are anything but ordinary.  Be inspired by not only the world around you but also the planet. 


Druzy Crystallized Gemstone Sterling Silver Cufflink


Keep your spirits high with my Onyx & Rainbow Pave Sterling Silver Cufflinks. One of my newest pieces, these cufflinks, are a mix of vintage style and VIP room—a little splash of playful luxury to keep your days magical. 


 Onyx & Rainbow Pave Sterling Silver Cufflinks


Play the long game with these Bull and Bear Sterling Silver Cufflinks. Created exclusively for Jan Leslie. Investments can go up and down, but style, as they say - is forever. Let these whimsical cufflinks help you keep your stock level throughout the year. 


Bull and Bear Sterling Silver Cufflinks
Choose your blues with the Jan Leslie Faceted Blue Sapphires Bracelet. Whether you wear it solo or stacked it’s sure to add another dimension of style to your collection.  

Evoke dynamic beauty and embrace new beginnings with my  Buenos Aires 18k One of a Kind Earrings.  Inspired by the bustling and energetic town in South America, these earrings are sure to turn heads and bring a vibrant energy to all that see them.  


Maldives 925 Sterling Silver One of a Kind  Earrings
Relax and remember to enjoy the little things with my  Maldives Sterling Silver One of a Kind  Earrings. Inspired by the calm shimmering waters of the Maldives, these one-of-a-kind lightweight statement earrings will be a reminder to slow down and enjoy life’s little moments.
Maldives 925 Sterling Silver One of a Kind  Earrings


Take charge in my Dash Climber Gemstone 18k Gold Vermeil Sterling Silver Earrings. This selection from my Dash Collection, where I added structured elegance to classic designs, will inspire you to keep with your goals and resolutions.




Attract luxury and good fortune while wearing my Koi Cascade Moving Mother of Pearl Earring Petite. This selection from my Koi Cascade Collection, inspired by the koi fish, is sure to bring you love & luck this 2022.  



Happy New Year! 

-Love and Kindness